What We've Got

What We've Got

Non-FictionThe Library is your gateway to a wealth of resources - fiction, information books, CDs, DVDs, newspapers, magazines, posters, leaflets, cuttings files, as well as access to 14 networked computers with black and white and colour printer attached, and 38 netbooks available for use in the Library.

Check out our wide range of magazines, from Shout, Match, SfX, First News and Rugby World, to Wide World for GCSE Geographers, Iaw for a great read in Welsh, and Allons-y, Bonjour, Ca Va, Chez Nous for readers of French, and Ahora, El Sol and Que Tal.

Rugby WorldAllons Y

By popular request, we're expanding our section of biographAdam Jones - Bombies and autobiographies, and have one or two new ones for you to check out!

Check the Library catalogue wherever you are to see what we have! (Search the catalogue from the box at the top right of every page on this website.)

Need copies of your artwork in colour? Need a copy of some information you're going to use for some work later? - the photocopier in the Library does black and white and colour copies:

Black and white A4 copies costs 5p per sheet;

Black and white A3 copies costs 10p per sheet.

Colour A4 copies costs 20p per sheet;

Colour A3 copies costs 40p per sheet.

The photocopier also has scanning facilities available for you to use.

Based in the Careers Office within the Library is our Careers Wales Careers Adviser, Mrs G John, and nearby a wide selection of careers information and guides, and university and college prospectuses. A number of careers databases can also be found on the Careers Wales website. For a range of Careers-related websites, visit our hotlist.

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Fiction books are made up stories, products of our amazing imagination!

For eSciencefictionxample, stories set in other worlds, dimensions or universes, often set in the future, involving time travel, space and future science and technology are science fiction.

Fiction in our library is arranged by genre (kind of story), then in alphabetical order by the author's last name.

Here are the categories used in our library:

The Astounding Broccoli Boy by Frank Cottrell Boyce

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