Doctor Who Club

Join other Pembroke School Whovians and share your same passion for this truly brilliant series every Friday lunchtime in the TARDIS aka the Library. Fans among the staff are also welcome and pop in from time to time to join in.

What do we get up to?

Games, quizzes, competitions, programme showings, Doctor Who magazines and books, and lots of other activities. Refreshments usually include a Jammie Dodger, jelly baby or satsuma or two - we haven't yet had fish fingers and custard, but you never know!

Our first competition, launched at our Welcome Evening in June 2011 for new Year 7 pupils and their families, involved issues of time travel. Participants were asked to think if they could travel forwards or backwards in time, where they would go and why. Some great ideas and reasons were given - congratulations to James for his winning entry: "I'd go back to World War II so that I could meet Winston Churchill and give him some advice."

Why we like Doctor Who...

"It's funny and scientific at the same time!"

"It's not just sci fi, it's also history."

"It's cleverly written, has lots of action and makes me think."

Our Doctor Who Gallery

We've been promising ourselves a fun, plasticine model-making session; here are our creations:

Ice Warrior, Wyvern and SontaranSontaran, Ice Warrior and Wiren models by Will

Travis' Adipose


Dalek and TARDIS

 Chez's Dalek and mini TARDIS

Jake and Dylan's sonic screwdriver

Sonic screwdriver

Amy - by JamieAmy

What we've been doing so far this year:

Our first meeting of the year was naturally a chance to discuss the Christmas special, The Doctor, The Widow and the Wardrobe; the episode was a big hit with most members. Solving the fiendish episode, villain, character and actor anagrams set by Mrs S required extra Jammie Dodgers!

The Doctor has heard about the club and thinks it's 'brilliant'. He wants more pupils to know about its brilliance - so he set a creative competition to design a poster to advertise the club more widely.

Congratulations to James and Hannah, winner and runner-up of the competition, who have chosen prizes from the goodie box. Thanks to Mr Lewis for selecting the winners and joining a meeting to share the good news.

We've been creating our own set of 11th Doctor Top Trumps.

Enterprising club member, Will, together with his dad, runs a great Doctor Who related discussion site, the Liberating Podcast. Together with the club, they're planning something special soon...

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Competitions:

An amazing array of bow ties were designed for the Doctor to celebrate his 50th Anniversary! Thank you to all pupils, staff and staff family members who entered. We also had some ingenious responses to the Time Travel Competition, so thank you for those.

We were delighted that author of Doctor Who novel 'Autonomy', 'Shadow Runners' and other titles, Daniel Blythe, agreed to judge our competitions, with the winners to be announced by him on his visit to school on 1 April 2014. How excited were we?!!!

BBC Scariest Monster Poll:

The BBC poll to find the scariest monster in Doctor Who inspired some lively discussions about what makes a scary monster. We just had to revisit a few episodes to remind ourselves just how scary some of them are! Most votes in the club went to The Weeping Angels, with 6 votes; the Peg Dolls trailed with 4 votes. Also felt to be pretty scary were the Silence, the Smilers and the Vashta Nerada.

Find out here which one was voted THE SCARIEST!

Some interesting Doctor Who info to enjoy:

Check out this fantastic timeline of Doctor Who from 1963 to the present, including episodes, seasons, companions, villains and more:


(thanks to @Cotham_Library for sharing this)

Doctor Who Timeline Infographic


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