Book Bites

Scary reading for Autumn evenings:

Dare you read these or any of the other excellent spooky stories available in the Library for you to borrow and enjoy:

Joseph Delaney: The Spook's Apprentice (London: Red Fox. ISBN 9780099456452)

"The nearer the time came for me to go down the cellar steps, the more nervous I became. I did want to pass the Spook's test, but, oh, how I longed to be back home in my nice, safe, warm bed.

And then, just after the clock had given a single chime - half past eleven - the digging began again...

Once more I heard the slow thump, thump of heavy boots coming up the steps from the cellar; once more the door opened and the invisible boots stepped into the front room. By now the only bit of me that was moving was my heart, which pounded so hard it seemed about to break my ribs. But this time the boots didn't veer away towards the window. They kept coming. Thump! Thump! Thump! Coming straight towards me...."

Find out more about this first story and others by visiting Joseph Delaney's Wardstone Chronicles website

F.E. Higgins: The Eyeball Collector (London: Macmillan. ISBN 9780230532281)

"With what I had heard and seen of the lady I was intrigued as to the crate's contentsso I pulled away the broken side to look within. Had I known what I was to see I would never have done so.

At first glance I saw only a chair. But I realized quickly that this was no ordinary chair.

It was the curious beast fashioned into a chair.

The arms of the chair were the beast's arms, its hands - for they were not paws - curled over the ends. The chair legs were the beast's forelegs and its feet - complete with toes - the chair's feet...

I shall never forget the way that creature looked at me as he lay dying on the floor. For although it was not the face of a human I looked upon, I swear neither was its gaze that of a beast."

Discover more about this and other stories by visiting F E Higgins' website.

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